Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ass, Gas, or Grass... Nobody Rides for free

So while surfing the web, I came across an awesome story on The Smoking Gun coming from my home state of Kentucky.

Apparently a man and woman were busted after a stake out at a Days Inn, arrested for prostitution. The man admited to paying for the woman's services, and paying for those servies in part with a $100 GAS CARD!! No, I'm not kidding, this really happened. The man was arrested for promoting prostitution, while the woman was arrested for propstitution, and not having an occupational liscense.

So, can you believe that? I can, sad times we're hitting with the ever rising gas prices. What's next, paying for hookers with grocery store gift cards? Grocery prices are shooting through the roof, why the hell not?

So, that got me going, what other fun things could I find on The Smoking Gun that had occured in Kentucky. Well, apparently some real good ones.

This couple was arrested after taking pictures of their 2 year old son SMOKING POT. The couple was arrested after the person running their local photo developing place came across the photo. Apparently, they came across the offending photos and immediately called the cops. The pictures show the man holding the pipe to the childs mouth and another man lighting it up. The couple's one year son was also taken into care by the State.

To add insult to injury, while in jail, their home was robbed. Teach them both a very important lesson.

they both look completely stoned out of their minds in this photo. It's no surprise that two skeezy stoners like that would decide to get their child high. It's ok to smoke pot, it's not ok to force it upon a child. There will be a day when your child is ready to smoke pot, but you should wait about 14 more years!

I am a little disappointed there is not more info on this. I would really like to know what city it happened in, it said central Kentucky. My family lives in central Kentucky. I bet someone knows them!!!

Check out my next post for some fun mugshots!!